Wednesday, 30 October 2013


The hallways are finally getting finished. That is pretty good timing as far as I am concerned given that most of the 4th floor has only been in a couple of months.

Paper looks really nice, you can see some shots here:

(Photos courtesy R. Black 2013)

I imagine the carpeting will follow shortly. The place is certainly on track to being finished by Christmas as promised.



    It is my philosophy that respect for Condo Owners and Residents comes first. What does respect mean? It means a commitment to equitable treatment, health & safety, holding property management accountable and carrying out the desires of the Condo Owners as a whole – not just the agendas of a few.

    I am not a realtor, I am not associated with TAG Property Management and I am not in business in the area. What I am is a Condo Owner; just like you. I am your neighbour, therefore, I share the same root desires:
    • Keeping Condo Fees Low
    • A Board Of Directors That Operates With Honesty & Integrity; Engaging The Constituency
    • Ensuring A Safe & Healthy Building
    • Positive Solutions To Common Problems (Noise, Parking, Etc.)

    I have experience with:
    • Creating & Working Within Budget Constraints
    • Chairing Various Committees, Working With Large Groups Of People & Consensus Building
    • Project Management
    • 10 Years of Courtroom Experience; from Landlord Tenant to Ontario Building Code & By-Laws to Traffic/Parking Court
    • Working Within Legislative Requirements
    • Health & Safety (Portfolio of 24,000 Workers)

    On November 5th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Ground Floor/Main Lobby I will be holding an all residents meeting to discuss issues facing the building. Flyers will be posted/distributed today. This is a constituent engagement practice (hopefully in a better place), that I hope to continue once elected to the Board of Directors. I have also set up an e-mail where any concerns can be forwarded to me at

    I ask that you support me on November 13th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Tansley Woods Community Centre so that I can support you over the coming term.

  2. Well said Jeff! I think you have my vote. How do you plan on dealing with the parking issue? Noise issue?

  3. Thought I would add my two cents t Jeff's excellent prose.

    Barry Lewis
    I have been in the business world for decades and in 1991 I decided to start my own firm and provide my clients with expertise gained over the 22 years prior. My key skills are enterprise governance and information security, which I lead seminars on around the world. My travels taught me to see others for what they are and not for how they look; to realize that the world is comprised of different attitudes, upbringings and needs all with one common goal, to live in harmony with their surroundings. This building is my retirement home and my wife and I have no plans to leave and all the desire to establish an enjoyable community where we know each other, support each other and enjoy the community we are in. We will celebrate 33 years of marriage this December in our new home.
    All condo dwellers, whether residents or owners, want a place to live that is safe, pleasant and well maintained.

    Like most of us I operate on principles of:

    We want a place we can call our own where we live in peace with our neighbours, enjoy the facilities available to us and take care of the shared property.
    Over the decades I have been a consultant I have gained immeasurable experience and expertise:
    Dealing with different priorities and needs
    Dealing with people of all skills and backgrounds
    Project management; Enterprise Governance
    The board is not there to supplant the needs of the many with the needs of the few, it is there to provide a focus on ensuring that we all get value from our condo fees, that the building is properly maintained and that no-one unduly disrupts the lives of others.
    I ask for your support on November 13th at 7pm in Tansley Woods Recreation Centre, either in person or by proxy.

  4. I will do the same. It was great meeting you on the rooftop patio Barry.

    Hi Alex,

    I am happy to say I have experience with these issues. I have been and continue to be a successful business person in the Golden Horeshoe area. Currently I work for a global company as a Business Consultant. A very large part of my daily duties is to work with different coporations and advise them on where and why to spend their money. In short I streamline processes, reduce costs, enlighten, and advise, all whilst holding to a strict code of morals, ethics and environmentally sound practices. Clients I work with on a daily basis vary from Municipal Government (improving legal processes, decreasing by-law response time and receipt issuance etc.), to small law firms and doctors offices. My volunteer experience includes coaching hockey, Board VP of Community Responsibility (raising money for various local charities) through my local branch office, and I am a monthly cook at various food banks. I live in the building with my common law wife/wife to be, and Henry (our 5 month old kitten) . I will do my best to answer your questions directly as opposed to making general, vague, likeable, and easily agreeable statements.

    Thank you for reading about me, now please see where I stand politcally on the asked subjects.

    1. Plans for the ammenity room. No plans have been set out yet. This will be something which will be voted on, not by the board, but by the constituency.

    2. Condo Fees. This is the big one. Everyone without experience in this field would keep them low, or lower them. In my opinion, THIS IS THE WORST THING TO DO. We are required by LAW to have a reserve fund study completed. (a minimum of once every 3 years) If this reserve fund study reveals that WE do not have enough money allocated for reserve we will be given a "special assessment" bill. This means if we (as individuals) don't have the money to pay for the "special assessment" we will have to apply for a second mortgage, apply for a loan, or have a lien put against our home. Most of us residents do not have an extra $5000 - $10,000 in our bank accounts, especially after the largest purchases of our life!! It is a reality that we must raise our condo fees, albeit for a short time until we reach the indicated level of reserve.

    2b. Yes, the condo board has complete control over condo fees. An educated, responsible, and experienced condo board will act correctly and accordingly.

    3. Responsible with money. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR SPENT must have a minimum of 3 quotes (Again this is required by LAW). We our fortunate to live in an area where there is no shortage of snow removal, landscaping, HVAC, and all other trades. This being said, I suggest every finanical choice be decided based on a minimum of 5 quotes.

    Alex, I hope this information was valuable, and educational. Should you have the need for any additional clarification or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Yours in trust,

    Ryan Ahonen


  5. I am glad to see that we have this blog! After reviewing many of the other posts, it seems that there's a serious issue! Noise and drugs! After reviewing one of the posts and replies regarding drugs, I can tell you exactly which one of the units the drugs are coming from-999. Between that and the yelping noise of a dog for hours on end in unit 999. I don't know how much longer we can live in this building. What can we do about these disturbances?