Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Doors and windows!

The condo is progressing well folks. All four floors are pretty much up with the roof being completed now from the looks of it. Also, the doors and windows are going in! They look nice and well put together from the distance. Take a look at the photos. Remember you can see the pictures larger if you want by clicking on them. I didn't have the Nikon for these so they are from my phone and thus not quite as good.

Also, I am hearing that the decor center has opened and bookings are starting for those on the first floor. Exciting!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Work continues on

We were over at the site on the 4th and took this picture. The top floor is really coming along and becoming complete. Soon they will be working on the interior.

Hopefully we will start hearing color and design appointments being made. Any time now<S>

I will get some updated pictures this weekend some time. If you hear from the builder about appointments please let me know so I can update the page.