Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting closer and closer

The building is progressing really well. I noticed today that unit 311 looked like it was getting carpeted as I was checking the outside of the building - the doors were open as they were on my unit but I didn't see any action there. So they are moving right along. We have only 6.5 weeks till we move in meaning only 4.5 weeks until the place is ready for our PDI.

They continue to add balconies as you can see now with some on Sutton,

As well as on Upper Middle and in fact all around the building.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Latest Visit and hot water issues

I see there was a comment on hot water  a little earlier. I asked Alex about that and he indicated this is likely due to the fact the building is hardly in use by owners yet so because the water runs through risers from garage to 4th floor, it has a lot of distance to cover to get hot water flowing. With only a few units using it, it needs to travel to get hot into the unit. As the building fills with owners, this will end because the water will pretty much always be flowing throughout the building so will always be hot.

I have pictures to come shortly from todays visit. Even a couple of pictures of other folks units as requested. Look for the gorgeous balcony railings. They are putting about 3 to 5  day in on the second floor. Black with glass.

Well, here they are. Latest pictures.


"Someone" asked for pictures of their unit on the fourth floor. It is coming along nicely: This is the entrance:


This is the main bath entrance just off the inside door:

And the main room, walls are all in and ready for next phase:

For the rest of us, the main stairways up and down are very bright with all the windows:

and this is really nice, the builder has put power into the wiring closet so our cable modems and maybe wifi can be hidden away (look just below all the wires):

Can't wait as my unit gets closer and closer to completion. More to follow as time permits over the next few days and weeks

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Moving Continues

I did get an email giving me a unit number to check but...the builder is too busy this week to let me in so I am trying for a visit for next week. Disappointing I know but I'd rather they made sure all of you get in on time than take time away for me to update the blog.

They are doing some work on the second floor balconies but from the looks of it most of you will have to wait a while to enjoy them, whether first floor or second.

The flowers (and weeds) look pretty on the north side of the building though. Hope no ones allergic.