Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lamp Posts??? (update - and new trees and shrubs) further update

In case anyone was wondering, it appears we are getting four more light standards: 3 in the back entrance (where it is much needed I think) and 1 more at the Upper Middle end of our driveway. You can see the large square holes that were dug this past week. The one in the corner where our entranceway turns into the back of the building will be especially useful I think.

NEW NOTE: I may be wrong here. The holes look far too large for lampposts and in talking with folks around perhaps they are dug for other purposes. I will update when I see or hear more.

NEWER NOTE: definitely lamp posts, they have placed the iron bars in for the cement post.

This should be helpful especially during the winter  months when it gets dark sooner.

Now, if we can get the builder to put up a concrete post in front of that gas pipe on the corner, it would be really good. I am afraid someone barreling around the corner in the winter could easily swerve to miss a car coming the other way and crash right into the gas fittings.

This is looking towards the corner, the far red protects the corner laneway hole.

Also noted that they are putting in new trees and shrubs along the back. Will look nice shortly.
You can see them on the truck in the middle-left of the picture

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