Sunday, 13 October 2013

Introduction to Managemnt group meeting

Our management group, TAG, held an introduction meeting in the amenity room on the 10th October. While I was to able to attend as I was travelling, my wife and sisters did and made some notes for me. If anyone else has items they can add, feel free to comment please.

 There will be an official Turnover meeting on November 13th 7pm at Tansley Woods Community Center, 1996 Itabashi Way. It is really  important as many of us as possible attend this meeting as this is where we "take over" the building by electing our own Board. Information packets should arrive soon detailing this and the process for becoming a Board member.

We will have, in accordance with our Condo Rules, 3 Board members. They will serve 1, 2 and 3 year terms so there is always an annual rotation of the Board. I am not sure how each of the initial three members will be assigned to the 1,2 or three year term.

TAG mentioned that Haven plans to have all work completed within the next 90 days, so by year end. I am sure this is good news to us all and especially to those on the first floor who have yet to see their balcony areas finished. It will be nice to see all the halls carpeted for instance and should help cut down on noise.

One item of note was parking. All outdoor parking is Visitor parking and is not for Residents. This was highlighted with the knowledge we all knew coming in (even though we didn't like it - I for one have tried to buy an additional spot since the day I first signed to buy my unit) there is only 1 spot per unit. TAG will begin  monitoring all parking and after a grace period Burlington Police will ticket any cars parked illegally. While it would be nice to have more parking there just isn't the space  - the City determines how many Visitor spots a building must have, not the Builder.

There is a bicycle share program on the honour system so that will be a nice addition, for those who want to cycle through the paths or even Bronte Park. Please remember as we start to use these facilities, the cost will be borne by us all, so we need to take care of what we have.

Procedures for parking, moving bicycle use Amenity room use will be created I believe by the newly elected Board shortly after (I would hope) their election.

So, this is what I have at this time, remember to book the 13th in your calendars as it is important to support our building and have your say.

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    It is my philosophy that respect for Condo Owners and Residents comes first. What does respect mean? It means a commitment to equitable treatment, health & safety, holding property management accountable and carrying out the desires of the Condo Owners as a whole – not just the agendas of a few.

    I am not a realtor, I am not associated with TAG Property Management and I am not in business in the area. What I am is a Condo Owner; just like you. I am your neighbour, therefore, I share the same root desires:
    • Keeping Condo Fees Low
    • A Board Of Directors That Operates With Honesty & Integrity; Engaging The Constituency
    • Ensuring A Safe & Healthy Building
    • Positive Solutions To Common Problems (Noise, Parking, Etc.)

    I have experience with:
    • Creating & Working Within Budget Constraints
    • Chairing Various Committees, Working With Large Groups Of People & Consensus Building
    • Project Management
    • 10 Years of Courtroom Experience; from Landlord Tenant to Ontario Building Code & By-Laws to Traffic/Parking Court
    • Working Within Legislative Requirements
    • Health & Safety (Portfolio of 24,000 Workers)

    On November 5th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Ground Floor/Main Lobby I will be holding an all residents meeting to discuss issues facing the building. Flyers will be posted/distributed today. This is a constituent engagement practice (hopefully in a better place), that I hope to continue once elected to the Board of Directors. I have also set up an e-mail where any concerns can be forwarded to me at

    I ask that you support me on November 13th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Tansley Woods Community Centre so that I can support you over the coming term.