Sunday, 27 January 2013

Continuing work

My wife and I signed off on our changes yesterday. All that's left is to wait for the move in date. whoot!

Progress continues on our building although it is harder to see now since it is mostly indoors. You can see work on the ceiling of this unit, looking in from the outside.

In this next shot you can see large bundles of something (in my unit's master bedroom actually) that, looking at the image closely reads "Pressure-Utilized Compartmented Cavity System".

Good to see work continuing, as it provides hope for the current schedule.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Color selections done

My wife and I have finally pretty well finished all our color selections and upgrades. I understand there are pretty well only ourselves and my sisters left to do with all of you already done.

We have gone with hardwood floors throughout, and a bunch of other upgrades to make the place our own. For example I asked for solid doors, and a couple of pocket doors to reduce the space taken up by doorways. We were thinking of getting crown molding as the price is right but decided to wait until we can see where all the bulkheads will be. We also added an overhead light in the main bathroom to hang a chandelier as we saw a TV show with one and liked the idea. As well, a TV in the main bathroom so I can have a bath and still watch the hockey game (If I ever watch hockey again after their strike). We are looking forward to moving in (in seven or eight months, sigh)!

I know not much has happened in the last month, I have been travelling a lot and there isn't much happening on the outside of the building to show in pictures.