Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Moving in week

Well some folks are moving in this week and should already be putting their condos into order.

Can anyone tell us how your move went? Did you get in ok? Is everything working?

What about closing costs? Do we pay those at this interim closing date and any idea how much they are?

Please, share what you can to help those of us patiently waiting our turn

NEW May 31 (check out comments under the previous post from one of the owners doing their PDI)
Thanks Sharleen for the comments. If you have pictures you want to share, by all means email them to me at

NEW JUNE 1 - Some comments are being made about the ceiling colour. I took a look at some of my pictures to see if I could tell anything about the ceilings. I wonder if it is because it's a big difference in look between the white walls and the textured ceiling? Or is it just that the paint used (typically not a great paint since builders know we all will paint our own colors) is not good enough to cover the textured ceilings. On flat ceilings I don't see much difference, (but those of you who are moving in will know better). The middle picture is likely off on white balance due to the light bulb.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Moving in Update

On Monday owners begin to move into the condo. It becomes home. Very exciting!

The driveway is paved,

and security is all ready for us,

the front hall looks fabulous!

Some of you have done your PDI (and haven't shared with us<S>). The builder uses this to stop trades from entering unless escorted because the owner has finished their inspection so obviously the builder wants nothing to change.

Their units are ready and appliances and everything are all in


Storage lockers are all ready for occupancy on the first floor.

Other units are being completed.

The elevators are ready, just need that final inspection. This one is covered to protect it from movers. I'll be getting out on the PH level, thank you. LOL

My unit on the fourth floor still has a way to go,

but my tub is in! Looking forward to a nice whirlpool soak.

Those who look out onto Upper Middle can look forward to some great views!
Maybe my wife and I can visit one sunny day for a glass of wine, lol

Finally, the garage is ready. Numbers were being painted on Friday.

So, welcome to all those moving in. Let us know your experiences. Anyone moving in Monday or Tuesday and want to, let me know and perhaps we can get moving day pictures of the first folks in?
(Remember, you can click on the pictures to see them in more detail.)


Friday, 24 May 2013

Postal Code - Updated May28th

I thought I would share this with everyone as I am not sure who knows or looked it up.

Our Haven Condo address and postal code is:

5317 Upper Middle Road
Burlington  Ontario 
L7R 3X5 L7L 0G8

I realise most of you had the address but probably not the postal code.
Sorry it seems we have 3 different post codes for our address. This is one direct from New Horizons office. I will continue to work on finding out which is correct

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Request for first floor owners and a few more up to date external pictures.

NOTE: As the first floor folks look to moving in next week, please give us your thoughts and experiences. How was your pre-delivery inspection? Let us all know how your move goes please?

I visit the site this Friday for a last minute update prior to moving day so look for more photos this weekend.

I visited the site the other day and took a few pictures. It was the weekend so this was not an onsite visit.

Sutton road has been updated to include a parking space similar to the east side.

As you can all now see, our driveway has curbs in place, all ready for asphalt. This is the entrance to our building off Sutton.
This is the drive leading onto Upper Middle (above)

The roof caps are going on and it is looking more finished. It looks good.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Folks, the builder is informing us that there is an elevator technician strike currently in place. They are monitoring the situation but second floor folks may have to take the stairs for their move unless the technicians get back on the job soon. Lucky to be on the first floor right now I guess - smile. Hopefully it will be resolved prior to second, third floor and fourth moves but at this point it is likely that second floor will be impacted.

Obviously not only do they have to return to work but the delay caused by being off may impact when they get to our building to approve the elevator usage (the elevators are ready to go but need final approvals)

Will keep you informed as information arrives (as will New Horizon of course in emails to you directly)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

More pictures

Here are some more of the pictures I took on my recent visit. The outside continues to move along nicely. I noticed the other day that balconies are starting to be completed as far as footing and flooring is concerned. The floor of our balconies will be a type of fiberglass if I recall correctly, no maintenance and lasts forever. Water should just roll off. We should start seeing balcony railings soon I imagine.

You can see the cladding on the posts and the edge of the fiberglass flooring in this picture.

In this photo, we see where the front hall fireplace will be located, it is the opening in the wall with the construction stuff in it. It is directly across from our mailboxes.

In this photo is one of the first floor storage area rooms. While empty now, it will eventually be filled with owner storage lockers. They will not be closed wall units however, but a wire mesh which allows everyone to look inside. I plan to board mine up when I move in as I like my privacy (and you can't see if I keep it messy<S>)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Awesome -First floor almost ready

Well everyone, the building continues to get more and more finished. I was granted another peek inside the other day and I must say it is looking nice. The exterior is starting to be completed with gravel being loaded on top of the undercoating which will be followed in the next week or so with the final asphalt. My thanks to Alex for the latest tour.

You can see the gravel in this photo:

As far as inside goes, the first floor is well on its way and should be easily ready for occupancy in a few short weeks. Here is a picture of the hallway:

And someone has their kitchen in already:

And someone else's bathroom:

Our main doors look really nice I think:

Front closet doors are standard fare mirrored:

I'll post some more pictures in a few days. As well, look for first floor finished photos in a couple of weeks!