Wednesday, 3 September 2014

HVAC Cleaning - UPDATE! - DONE

DONE Oct 15th
Leeds is working their way through the building cleaning all the heat pumps for those who signed up. Finally. It has been a long battle but we are on our way. Those who think it isn't necessary might want to reconsider. One leak or a broken heat pump will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Remember, unit owners own the heat pump, not the corporation. Personally, I signed on for the cleaning and the insurance for peace of mind. The fourth floor is complete and the remaining units will be done over the next few days as Leeds goes floor by floor.

The list will be coming down any day now!

Talk to your neighbours and friends in the building and make sure they know and have signed up. We need another 18-20 owners and we will all save money.

Right now it is $50 a cleaning, if we get 100 owners signed up it drops to $40. That is a savings of $20 a year ongoing with twice yearly cleaning.

Once the list is down you "might" be able to sign up with an email to TAG but no guarantees.


As you know now, we have arranged with Leeds to supply the building with heat pump cleaning for owners who sign up. So far we have about 50 owners signed up but I would strongly suggest this should be well over 100 so we still have a ways to go.

Remember, the heat pump is yours - if it breaks you pay, no-one else.

Perhaps you think changing the filter is enough. It is not. Heat pumps need their coils washed and cleaned from dust and particulates like cat hair etc to ensure they run efficiently and that the coils are not overly stressed. In addition, each unit's heat pump has a small drain hole underneath it to drain off the overflow condensation. You can easily get 1 or 2 gallons of liquid an hour in the summer cooling time. This drain hole can plug up and cause your unit to stop working or worse, overflow into your unit and the units below you. If this happens to you, it will be expensive as "your" insurance will have to pay, not the buildings.

If we get 100 owners signing up we save $10 each cleaning and for $80 a year you can have the satisfaction of knowing your unit will function properly. Purchasing the optional insurance can give you complete peace of mind as it fixes anything that goes wrong. Right now it is still reasonable at $50 per cleaning.

If your heat pump fails it could cost you easily $1500 - $2000, even a trip to fix a problem is going to cost you around $80-90 an hour.

Sign up now before the sign-up sheet disappears and cleaning begins.