Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fourth floor moves

My wife and I got our own call to schedule the PDI. So exciting, we cannot wait - next Friday

The fourth floor is starting to look finished with balconies starting to go up on the north end (our end) and in the inside of the north end. Moves should be also starting this week I imagine.  We are only 2 weeks away now.

You can see them going in below:

Friday, 12 July 2013

Roof Top Delight

In my recent tour, Alex showed me the progress on the roof. It looks fantastic! You can see below that the deck is shaping up as they install insulation and tiles. The pleasing "brick road" will be offset with imitation grass and on the far edge (north side of the building) by two circular areas of lighter concrete tiles. On the right hand side (Sutton) will be a BBQ area with pergola while farther west will be a circular area for quiet contemplation or reading perhaps.

Of course the inside is progressing as well with third floor folks starting to move in and work continuing for those of us on the fourth floor.

This is our main bathroom starting to look more finished.

The laundry "room" is a little small in our unit but the tiles look nice.

And other units are also coming along nicely

And "someone's" kitchen has been delivered.

and their bathroom is tiled.

Finally, others have flooring in and are getting closer to be finished

It is all looking fantastic and I cannot wait to get moved in.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Third floor moves in

This week the third floor owners begin moving in. We are getting closer and closer - my own move in date (first half of the fourth floor) is only 4 weeks away. Yeeeahhh!

You can see the third floor balconies going in which are needed prior to move in dates. This is a picture from the Sutton street driveway looking at the north side of the building.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Visit with Owners

We went up to take a look at the building on the weekend and had enough luck to meet two of the current residents. On the first floor a lovely lady and her friend were admiring the outside when we chanced by so we struck up a conversation. She was gracious enough to allow us in to see her place. Wow! Very nice fit and finish. She indicated it was very quiet. Lots of light. We had a great conversation with them and enjoyed the visit very much. Thanks! (You know who you are.)

As we exited her place one of the new owners on the second floor happened onto her balcony and of course we had to say hi. She has closed but not moved in as she is redoing the floors with hardwood. She indicated she was really happy to be finally in. So, we have met two of our new neighbors already and we don't move in for a little under 5 weeks.

On that, my wife has calculated all the potential closings and PDI dates based on those that have occurred so far in case you are interested. More to come on that shortly.