Tuesday, 23 February 2016

2016 AGM

The condo corporation held its annual AGM last night. For those who attended, Thank You!
The Board relies on your support to both ensure we always achieve our meeting quorum and also to provide us with input and suggestions.

The meeting went well with numerous questions being fielded by our auditor and the Board. As is normal each year, one position for Director was open - with Ryan Ahonen's elected time period ending. As he is busy with other Board's and is no longer an Owner he declined to run again. We want to thank Ryan for all his work over the past two years - he was indispensable.

The position as Director was filled by acclamation by Roma Black. Welcome Roma!

The Board looks forward to continuing their efforts to provide the corporation with effective governance and ensuring a safe, efficient, friendly building.

Remember, we all need to do our part in keeping the building clean and safe. If you see something inappropriate or unsafe report it to TAG so they can follow-up.

I am looking forward to Spring and getting outside again for BBQs and sunshine.

I noticed that Google is changing their direction a bit and requiring folks who want to follow the blog to have a google account. I hope you all continue to support the blog. Thanks