Monday, 30 September 2013

Grass is coming?

Looks like the exterior is getting more finished each week. With topsoil going in (see below), grass should be next. The sprinkler system has been all put in and the electrical elements are set, so the grass can remain green all next summer with proper watering.

I am sure the first floor folks will be happy to see their "yards" finished as well. The posts are all in and Haven has started filling in the gravel and topsoil there too. Perhaps this week will start to see it leveled and the stones laid. It is nice to see the Upper Middle pavement area get cleaned up as well, it is starting to look like a finished building.

Now, if we can get those lights in the garage entrance to actually turn off during the day and not waste electricity...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Meet the Mgmt Team

I have been away the last week so am happy to see that the new management team is arranging a get together on the 10th. Unfortunately for me, I am travelling that day also so will not be able to meet you all. I guess it does mean our party room will be ready though<S>.

My wife and sisters will fill me in on the Board process and I will tell you now I plan to ask to be  a representative on the board when elections take place. I believe it is important to be proactive and help ensure we all enjoy a well run building. Hopefully you will all agree and perhaps when the time comes, vote for me (wow, shameless plug already, what can I say<g>)

I will be adding to the picture update tomorrow as I see the fencing is finally going in around the first floor units and I am sure all those in the units will be  glad they can finally start using their  outside space. Some the units are going to enjoy quite a large exterior from what I can see.

When I came in last night around midnight though the exterior door was propped open and the inside door still does not close properly so anyone could enter. Please, we all need to take the time to make our building safe by making sure we close the doors. We can still push TAG and Haven to get the doors fixed so they close properly but in the meantime lets make sure ourselves.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tiles in roof lobby and new management team

As you can see below, the roof lobby is being tiled and (I hope) we will soon be able to use it.

We also have a new management team on board as you all know. TAG Management (our contact is Pamela Larmand ). The builder is still responsible for any of our 30 day and 1 year warranty issues so we still talk to Haven for those. TAG is responsible now for the common elements of the building, elevators, garbage rooms etc. They have a cleaner on site as of last weekend and new garbage bins and recycling bins are being introduced. Let's all be a little proactive and keep those rooms neat ourselves shall we? If you are unsure of something Pamela has pledged to help sort it out for us so give her an email. I have already passed on to both haven and TAG the need to start locking our doors each evening, they will work on fixing the back entrance so it closes properly and locks.

As for the Party room, I had hoped we could have a Introductory Gathering to get to know one another but the party room will not be available for another month or two. I will investigate using the roof top weather permitting sometime early October since most of us are in now.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Outside finishing

Finally, folks on the first floor can see some light at the end of the tunnel. As you can see here, the retaining walls on Sutton is going in, meaning those on the back and side of the building should maybe be able to use their porch area sometime in the next few weeks.

Also, those on the driveway will see an end to the piles of dirt and gravel outside their doors. Everyone else will be glad to see the end of the driveway mess as well I am sure. We are definitely getting there.

I expect we should start seeing hallways being finished with carpet and wallpaper.

Finally, I think we all need to start thinking security and making sure all the external doors are closed after 5pm so we use our keys to enter. Let's be proactive here. I am following up with building management to ensure the back door closes properly as it does stick and does not shut by itself.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The building is Registered!

I got an email today from Mary indicating that Haven is formally registered. This is great news for us as we can now officially "own" our condos and close fully. As I understand it, Haven will be contacting our lawyers to schedule closings beginning October 1st. No more rent, just mortgage<S>

Also, work on the roof top is also progressing well with the lobby area starting to be tiled, the grass is all in and...drum roll please, we have  small putting green! Too cool. My wife and I can't wait to get up there and BBQ and maybe I can practice my short game<S>. On that note of course, I am not sure yet when BBQs will be in place so I will let you all know as soon as I can find out. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of the roof. Taken tonight so the door is locked but I will update tomorrow.

 The concrete underlay is being put down (above) so tiles will follow.

Garden area is looking nice.