Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hot Water - UPDATE

The last few days the water has only been warm and not hot. Made for not very nice baths. This is now fixed and so everyone should be  back to getting hot water.

So please be careful if you have gotten used to sticking your hand under waiting for it to warm up as you might get scalded. Not sure if they have also fixed the time needed to run the water until it finally gets hot. Will check tonight and tomorrow and let you know.

Well, as you all likely know by now they have fixed the hot water situation. Now it gets hot enough and also gets hot fast. Thanks goodness, I am sure many of us were getting tired turning on the shower and walking away while we waited for it to get hot.


  1. Has anyone received a hydro bill yet? Do you know when the property tax assessment will be done? When can we expect a tax bill?

  2. I expect the electric bills will start coming soon, we have really only been registered for just under a month, before that the electric was paid by the builder.

    Property taxes are another issue though. They depend on the city doing their thing and that might take time. First person to hear please let us all know. In the meantime, I highly recommend you start saving now as they will be retroactive when they come.

  3. Good stuff Barry - Thanks for the update on the hot water. I thought it was just me as I was having a similar issues a few months ago.