Monday, 9 March 2015

New Board 2015 - same old issues

Welcome Sura Alshear to the Haven Board of Directors! We anticipate a fruitful year working hard to accomplish our goals.

There have been several posts lately about dog owners. Let's be clear  - at NO time are you allowed to let your dog out a side door to do its business. Side doors are not to be used except in emergencies and are never to be propped open so you can let your dog run loose and defecate on the property. In fact, no dog is ever allowed to do its business on corporation property. If the dog accidentally goes, you are to stoop and scoop and deposit it in the garbage, NOT leave it by the front door for someone else to clean up.

Stoop and scoop is not only the law, it is being mindful of your neighbours.  If you feel it is too much of a hardship then perhaps you should not own a dog.

Hot Water
There appears to be an intermittent issue with hot water the past few weeks. We thought it fixed two weeks ago but this weekend units had lukewarm water for showers and baths. We will continue to follow up and try to resolve this.