Wednesday, 7 August 2013

PDI Day! Finally...

Almost couldn't sleep last night<S> We are now hours away from seeing our finished unit and we move in tomorrow! Whooot!

Cannot wait.


  1. how did it go? all things in good order? I got call for my pdi on the 19th

  2. It went really well, we are really happy. The Haven folks, (Igor for this PDI) was excellent and very patient. Our granite counter is not in and comes tomorrow but everything else was there. The place looks gorgeous. A few really minor things to fix up which they will do (small chips etc) pretty quickly if my sister is any indication.

    Big day tomorrow moving in, filled out all the paper work at the lawyers. The rental amount is roughly the equivalent of taxes, condo fees (387 a month for our unit) and interest on the selling price of the unit. Condo fees and electric are only costs ongoing as water and heat/air conditioning is handled by the geothermal unit.

    I heard today that end of this month or September we might be registered and real owners. Keep fingers crossed.