Thursday, 1 August 2013

Big Sigh

Our PDI was scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), a week later than most from what I've heard. We move in next week. Now it is delayed until the day before we move, really disappointing as of course we are dying to see what it looks like. Oh well, these things happen I guess. Something about back orders.

My sister's move went well the other day so one of the three of us are in, with two more to come over the next few weeks. Must say, it appears nice and quiet according to my sister and the balconies will be fantastic after a year of being stuck in a place without one.


  1. Oh no! My PDI is scheduled for next Wed. Hopefully they don't reschedule. I move on the 12th.

  2. Hi, I am supposed to move next week, they rescheduled my PDI too
    Does anyone know if the apartments are painted? I heard that builders just do primer coat and I will have to paint when I move

  3. Sura, they paint the condo but it is just basic white builders paint. You will want to paint it with good quality paint and whatever colors after you move in.

    1. Thanks for the replay
      By the way, I’m your next door neighbour, unit 410.

  4. Awesome, I will look for you to move in once I am in and say Hi in person. I am planning a 4th Floor north side Open House in Sept or so once we are all in and settled a bit so we can meet our immediate neighbors.

  5. anyone have any idea how much condo fees would be on the haven?