Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Moving in week

Well some folks are moving in this week and should already be putting their condos into order.

Can anyone tell us how your move went? Did you get in ok? Is everything working?

What about closing costs? Do we pay those at this interim closing date and any idea how much they are?

Please, share what you can to help those of us patiently waiting our turn

NEW May 31 (check out comments under the previous post from one of the owners doing their PDI)
Thanks Sharleen for the comments. If you have pictures you want to share, by all means email them to me at

NEW JUNE 1 - Some comments are being made about the ceiling colour. I took a look at some of my pictures to see if I could tell anything about the ceilings. I wonder if it is because it's a big difference in look between the white walls and the textured ceiling? Or is it just that the paint used (typically not a great paint since builders know we all will paint our own colors) is not good enough to cover the textured ceilings. On flat ceilings I don't see much difference, (but those of you who are moving in will know better). The middle picture is likely off on white balance due to the light bulb.


  1. Thanks Sharleen for your comments (down in the Moving in Update comment section May 25th entry).
    In your PDI package do you have any insight as to how interim occupancy is working? My lawyer indicates closing costs, mtg, etc is often done later at actual closing, this part is just "pay the rent" and move in. Is that what you have found? Any ideas for the rest of us as to what closing costs might be? Or is it too early to tell?

    Congratulations on this phase - my wife and I can't wait for ours.

  2. Hello! I moved in last Monday, everything went well! Just a tip, make sure you have everything ready with your lawyer before your move in date! My lawyer was missing something, so I had a bit of running around to do that day!

    To answer a few things, the ceilings are in fact different colours. The flat ceilings are white like the walls. The textured ceiling is called a California Style ceilings. It's a stucco finish, so it is not the same colour as the flat painted ceilings.

    For the closing costs, those will be after the building is registered and you are no longer renting.

  3. awesome, thanks! How are you liking your condo? Getting settled in? Finding out anything that might interest the other owners? Do you have next door neighbors? If so, how is noise in the condo? Jeff assures me it should be quiet.

  4. Can someone please take more unit is on the 4th floor across the elevator I believe...I just want to see it already lol.....

  5. I will be returning there next week for another visit. Privately email me your unit number and I will see what can be done during my visit. I can't wait to see my own on the fourth floor corner.

  6. Ok. Sent you a email few days ago!

  7. I managed to sneak in and look at the fourth floor drywall stage the ceilings are awesome ten feet high very very noticeable and not a bad view I can see the lake and the units are very sound proof.

  8. I was just wondering if anyone else is having issues with their hot water. My kitchen and bathroom sinks have to run for 2-3 minutes before they get hot. My shower seems to be fine I am just having trouble with my bathroom and kitchen sinks. I moved in last week and so far so good, the dust is nuts from the construction going on, I have to mop everyday if not every other day but it will be like that for a little bit so I have accepted it lol. The units are beautiful and the construction crew have been very considerate of the people living there right now. I have noticed as the days have gone on and the building is settling a little more that I am getting some nail pops and I have a couple cracks in the ceiling but I am keeping track of all that stuff so that I can let them know. Overall I am extremely happy with my unit I just can't wait for the building to be complete to see the final product.