Saturday, 25 May 2013

Moving in Update

On Monday owners begin to move into the condo. It becomes home. Very exciting!

The driveway is paved,

and security is all ready for us,

the front hall looks fabulous!

Some of you have done your PDI (and haven't shared with us<S>). The builder uses this to stop trades from entering unless escorted because the owner has finished their inspection so obviously the builder wants nothing to change.

Their units are ready and appliances and everything are all in


Storage lockers are all ready for occupancy on the first floor.

Other units are being completed.

The elevators are ready, just need that final inspection. This one is covered to protect it from movers. I'll be getting out on the PH level, thank you. LOL

My unit on the fourth floor still has a way to go,

but my tub is in! Looking forward to a nice whirlpool soak.

Those who look out onto Upper Middle can look forward to some great views!
Maybe my wife and I can visit one sunny day for a glass of wine, lol

Finally, the garage is ready. Numbers were being painted on Friday.

So, welcome to all those moving in. Let us know your experiences. Anyone moving in Monday or Tuesday and want to, let me know and perhaps we can get moving day pictures of the first folks in?
(Remember, you can click on the pictures to see them in more detail.)



  1. How exciting it is now,
    Even for those of us that have a few more months to wait!
    Well done on the pictures Barry!

  2. Great pics! It's starting to be real now. My closing is end of July. The units look so bright and cheery!

  3. Great photos! Thanks for all the updates.

  4. I did my PDI this past Tuesday and it was such an exciting time for me. Driving up to the building and actually pulling into the driveway made everything feel so real. Igor was very nice and showed me around the building, I even saw some of the first people moving in and you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces. When I got into my unit I was overwhelmed with joy because I have waited just over 2 years to see my new place I had to walk around and look at everything first and then take a step back to truly start examining everything. I didn't find anything incredibly wrong, all my upgrades were there and correct. My fridge just fit in its spot. I had upgraded to the frigidaire gallery series because I prefer the freezer on the bottom and I liked the look of this one better. When I was told it would fit no problem I was a little shocked to see that it just fit, lucky me. There were a few chips out of the trimming and on the bedroom window sill but other than that I didn't find anything major. I was a little surprised at the ceilings in the bedroom and living/dining. The ceilings are California ceilings and the textured part looked a little yellow compared to the stark white walls and border. I was told there was nothing that could be done, but it looked like someone had been smoking in there for 15+ years. If anyone else notices this and is told something different please let me know. I plan on painting it the week I move in because it does look a little bad. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to officially get my keys and move in, this sneak peak was a little bit of tease lol. If you would like me to send you some pics I would be happy to do so. I was also wondering does anyone know if we are allowed to lay our own flooring down once we get our keys? I wanted to upgrade to laminate but I wasn't crazy about the price, it was so much more expensive and there wasn't a lot of choice so I went with carpet hoping to rip that up the week I get my keys and place laminate down. I just wasn't sure if that was allowed. If anyone has questions let me know. Hope you all enjoy your units as much as I did!!!

  5. I managed to take a peek in a unit and your right the ceilings are yellowish and were never painted being a painter myself its the first thing i noticed

  6. This is another reason why I got a smooth ceiling

  7. Yes I also did the smooth ceilings great upgrade for $500

  8. I wish I had been given the option of a smooth ceiling, when I was picking my finishes the lady never even told me what the ceilings would look like or whether that was even an option :(

  9. She never said anything to me just have to know to ask about the ceilings...that's what I had to do.