Thursday, 9 May 2013

More pictures

Here are some more of the pictures I took on my recent visit. The outside continues to move along nicely. I noticed the other day that balconies are starting to be completed as far as footing and flooring is concerned. The floor of our balconies will be a type of fiberglass if I recall correctly, no maintenance and lasts forever. Water should just roll off. We should start seeing balcony railings soon I imagine.

You can see the cladding on the posts and the edge of the fiberglass flooring in this picture.

In this photo, we see where the front hall fireplace will be located, it is the opening in the wall with the construction stuff in it. It is directly across from our mailboxes.

In this photo is one of the first floor storage area rooms. While empty now, it will eventually be filled with owner storage lockers. They will not be closed wall units however, but a wire mesh which allows everyone to look inside. I plan to board mine up when I move in as I like my privacy (and you can't see if I keep it messy<S>)


  1. Do you know (or ask the builder) what material was used to build the condo? Was it steel or wood?

  2. the building is four floors of wood frame, with partial brick siding. Inside, the unit walls etc are built using steel 2x4s, not wood.

  3. I drove by the site today. The stone looks great! I am getting excited about moving in July and being down the street from my daughter and grandkids.

    Maybe Barry could do a FB page as well?