Thursday, 13 June 2013

Moving Continues

I did get an email giving me a unit number to check but...the builder is too busy this week to let me in so I am trying for a visit for next week. Disappointing I know but I'd rather they made sure all of you get in on time than take time away for me to update the blog.

They are doing some work on the second floor balconies but from the looks of it most of you will have to wait a while to enjoy them, whether first floor or second.

The flowers (and weeds) look pretty on the north side of the building though. Hope no ones allergic.


  1. Yes, Dandelions the official flower of Burlington North LOL

  2. We did our PDI last week and it went smoothly. No issues at all, however we did forget to bring something to plug in to check outlets were all working but that can be done at move in.

  3. But they are a pretty yellow (smile)

    Great thinking on the PDI, might be useful to check all the electrical connections. I will have to get out my small plugin tester - it also checks that wiring is correct

  4. I Must say i Just painted a unit the haven model and it was finished very nice compared to other builders that i have painted for the walls should be painted once you get the keys because they are just painted flat white that shows up every mark check out the pics on mls unit #115 for rent coming up it now looks like a model unit.
    Bronte painting