Sunday, 20 April 2014

Furnace Filters! Update - Update 2

Sunday May 4th for FILTERS in the lobby. There are still lots left!
Please stop by and take them off my hands. $4 each

(Seems I got the days wrong here, it is Saturday and Sunday May 3 and May 4 - sorry for any confusion. A seniors moment. Weekend being the operative word I guess<S>)

We will be in the Lobby this coming weekend for everyone to get  a chance to pick up a filter. Check the size you need and come by and get a replacement filter

May 2nd, 3rd 10-11am 
May 3rd,  4th 11-noon


We now have three boxes of filters from the Whalen office in Bolton. Myself and other Board members will be in the Amenity Room Monday evening from 6pm till 8pm providing filters to anyone who needs them.

Cost of a filter is $4 - so very cheap. First come first served but we have 100 of the 13x24 size and 50 larger ones at 15x28. .

Come and replace your filter. CASH Only please, correct change much appreciated

We also anticipate having quotes from reputable firms for you to consider for ongoing supply of filters but more importantly for annual or semi-annual cleaning. It is very important to get your furnace cleaned prior to starting up your air conditioning.

MONDAY - 6PM - 8PM Amenity Room


  1. Hi Barry,
    I missed this announcement. Are filters still available? We really need to work on a system for communication! :)

    1. Jason, email me directly please so I know your user account. We still have filters left

  2. Filters are still available (I have three boxes of them to distribute). I will provide another day for pickup shortly, likely the May 3/4 weekend

  3. Hi Barry,

    I thik people should check the main lint trap thats communal to everyone behind their washer/dryer unit. I have been noticing mine was making a lot of noise lately so I climbed up and opened it up, there was about 1/2" completely clogging the screen prevent any air from getting through. It's nice and quiet now that I cleaned it. Also a warning, there are springs top and bottom, don't stick you hand in there while pulling it out, mine snapped on a finger nail which Im sure Ill be losing.

  4. Great comment - the lint traps need cleaning out every month or so depending on how often you use the clothes dryer. Simple enough to do if you can reach it, use your vacuum to collect the lint

  5. Can someone turn off the heater in staircase C. That thing has been running full blast for the last 3-4 months non stopped. It's incredibly hot in there. With temperature like we are having lately it should be turned off. What a waste of energy and money??

  6. Just wondered if you received quotes from any firms for the cleaning of the furnaces.

  7. Hi Barry,

    I am also wondering about the firms for cleaning the furnaces. My AC unit needs to be replaced and according to the builder it is because I haven't had the unit cleaned before. Could someone please provide me with a firm that has done some cleaning in the building?



  8. Hi Barry,
    New to the building. Do you still have any furnace filters left, I would like to purchase one.

  9. If you are quick you "might" get Leeds to service your heat pump. They are in the building doing service calls ($50+hst) They replace the filter as part of the service. I highly recommend this. Otherwise email me at I only have a few small filters left