Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Does your door slam?

As responsible neighbours we can all help out by making sure our front door doesn't slam shut each time we use it. Remember, your neighbours are quite close and probably hear it slamming. You can adjust the door to close properly with just a small ladder or step stool and a screwdriver.

Be safe doing it of course, but reach up to the door closer and look for two screws on the inside near where it attaches to the door. (see picture)

Adjust one way a couple of turns and try the door, adjust the other way if necessary until the door closes softly. Be a good neighbour!


  1. Can someone adjust the exit doors to parking lots? Those ones slams really loud. Thanks

  2. Great info, now can we get people to actually do it??
    I am on the fourth floor and hear the doors slam all the time! People please
    be considerate! It only takes a few minutes to do this!!
    I think a door person should come in and check all the common doors, I hear them slam every time they are used! Unnecessary noise pollution.

  3. Thanks for posting this Barry. I've asked Pam about the exit doors but she hasn't gotten back to be. The door at Stair A Level 1 slams very loudly and literally shakes my front and bedroom doors (waking me up in the process). I hope we can solve this issue by spreading the word.
    Although I think this blog is great, do you know if it gets a lot of traffic? I've spoken to Jeff about trying to set up an mass emailing system so information like this can get sent to everyone. Blogs and message boards aren't always effective, but everyone checks their email. I really think important info like this and filter information needs to be sent out to everyone. I'll even help out getting people to sign up! :)
    Keep up the good work,

  4. No way no emails. That's the last thing we want. Bombarded with a crap of emails. I don't agree.

    1. Fair enough. You wouldn't have to submit any information if you don't want to receive emails. But I think it's a good method for those of us who want to stay informed and updated.
      For example, when the air filters become available, we would receive an email immediately and then we can sort it out very quickly. But if you don't want to be on the email list, you don't have to submit any info.