Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tiles in roof lobby and new management team

As you can see below, the roof lobby is being tiled and (I hope) we will soon be able to use it.

We also have a new management team on board as you all know. TAG Management (our contact is Pamela Larmand ). The builder is still responsible for any of our 30 day and 1 year warranty issues so we still talk to Haven for those. TAG is responsible now for the common elements of the building, elevators, garbage rooms etc. They have a cleaner on site as of last weekend and new garbage bins and recycling bins are being introduced. Let's all be a little proactive and keep those rooms neat ourselves shall we? If you are unsure of something Pamela has pledged to help sort it out for us so give her an email. I have already passed on to both haven and TAG the need to start locking our doors each evening, they will work on fixing the back entrance so it closes properly and locks.

As for the Party room, I had hoped we could have a Introductory Gathering to get to know one another but the party room will not be available for another month or two. I will investigate using the roof top weather permitting sometime early October since most of us are in now.


  1. Thanks for the update about the new management team I agree that the not only the doors but also the garage needs to be locked at a decent time, and the garage door needs to close also. There have been many nights that I have come home and it is open. maybe its because someone has come in a bit before me but I thought I would mention it because I have noticed since I moved in that the building isn't exactly "secure" at night. The first few weeks I saw security roaming around but have not seen them in ages unless they stay in the office I am not sure.

    Speaking of clean I am glad they are finally doing something about the garbage rooms because they can get pretty nasty and smelly and I am glad to finally be able to recycle. Speaking of keeping things neat and tidy. I have a dog and I take him along the path to use the washroom and over the last couple weeks I have noted that there are people not picking up after their dogs, can we please pick up after them, that pathway is used not only by us but by others in the neighbourhood and I am sure they would appreciate us picking up after our dogs. I have been here since June and this is something I have only noticed over the last couple weeks.

  2. I would also like to make a comment about tenants that have neighbours below. please be consideration about the amount of noise you make because the units are not sound proof.There is nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night by noisy neighbours

  3. Why the lobby's doors aren't latching/locking properly? Even tough the back doors are closed, there is still ways to open them from grabbing the door from the bottom. There isn't any security in this building, there are millions ways to get in and I find we aren't moving fast enough to fix this problem especially with the amount of people moved in.

  4. I have asked TAG management and Haven to look into getting the lobby doors to close properly so we can start getting some security. In the short term I recommend we all be proactive and make they close and lock behind us especially at night.

    As for noise, we are in a condo and need to be aware of disturbing our neighbours. I recommend that you make a point of visiting your direct neighbours and talking to them about how much noise can be made by everyone before it disturbs each of you. A little bit of forethought on how loud the stereo can be before it intrudes on next door can go a long way. I would guess at this point not many of us are aware of what level it takes to disturb others.

    It will get a little better as hallways are finished and we all get our drapes and furnishings installed.

  5. And tenants that have neighbors above, wow I think some of us need to wear slippers. It can be so disturbing, I can put up noises during the day but when it comes late at night we all need to be more careful and respectful about our neighbors around.

  6. We might need to work on getting the builder to make sure the ceilings are properly insulated. I mean we should not be hearing folks walking above

    1. How can the extreme noise be stopped? It really is not fair and obviously when people have their surround sound hooked up to their tv's they must know it can be heated by neighbours. This is horrible day and night this occurs.

  7. Well it's kinda too late now, so we need to be more respectful. I am sure there are other tenants that have the same issue. We need to walk with our toes and not our heels.

  8. I can hear everything as well from the rooftop. As if no insulation at all.

    Does anyone know how to work the intercoms? Mine goes to my cell phone but how do I actually let my visitor in?? Do I have to go downstairs to open the door?

    Also why is everyone parking outside. Now there's no visitor parking.