Sunday, 22 September 2013

Meet the Mgmt Team

I have been away the last week so am happy to see that the new management team is arranging a get together on the 10th. Unfortunately for me, I am travelling that day also so will not be able to meet you all. I guess it does mean our party room will be ready though<S>.

My wife and sisters will fill me in on the Board process and I will tell you now I plan to ask to be  a representative on the board when elections take place. I believe it is important to be proactive and help ensure we all enjoy a well run building. Hopefully you will all agree and perhaps when the time comes, vote for me (wow, shameless plug already, what can I say<g>)

I will be adding to the picture update tomorrow as I see the fencing is finally going in around the first floor units and I am sure all those in the units will be  glad they can finally start using their  outside space. Some the units are going to enjoy quite a large exterior from what I can see.

When I came in last night around midnight though the exterior door was propped open and the inside door still does not close properly so anyone could enter. Please, we all need to take the time to make our building safe by making sure we close the doors. We can still push TAG and Haven to get the doors fixed so they close properly but in the meantime lets make sure ourselves.

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  1. There are several comments on handling of individual issues following pdi's. All I can say is I know many if not most of the units have had their pdi issues resolved in a reasonable time but with 147 units one might expect some things to take a bit of time. I am still waiting for the last issue (my door threshold) but am confident it will be done. Some patience is required. That said, if you still have major issues then keep on top of the builder to get them resolved (but I gotta admit, it is probably easier to get things done by being nice rather than hard, after all, I am sure they want them resolved as well but have a lot of things on the list)