Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Latest Visit and hot water issues

I see there was a comment on hot water  a little earlier. I asked Alex about that and he indicated this is likely due to the fact the building is hardly in use by owners yet so because the water runs through risers from garage to 4th floor, it has a lot of distance to cover to get hot water flowing. With only a few units using it, it needs to travel to get hot into the unit. As the building fills with owners, this will end because the water will pretty much always be flowing throughout the building so will always be hot.

I have pictures to come shortly from todays visit. Even a couple of pictures of other folks units as requested. Look for the gorgeous balcony railings. They are putting about 3 to 5  day in on the second floor. Black with glass.

Well, here they are. Latest pictures.


"Someone" asked for pictures of their unit on the fourth floor. It is coming along nicely: This is the entrance:


This is the main bath entrance just off the inside door:

And the main room, walls are all in and ready for next phase:

For the rest of us, the main stairways up and down are very bright with all the windows:

and this is really nice, the builder has put power into the wiring closet so our cable modems and maybe wifi can be hidden away (look just below all the wires):

Can't wait as my unit gets closer and closer to completion. More to follow as time permits over the next few days and weeks


  1. That is awesome. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for looking into the hot water thing for us I really appreciate it. As the days go on I have been finding that it isn't taking as long to get the hot water to my sinks and that's probably because more and more people are moving in here. I have to say the 4th floor units are looking amazing. Can't wait to see pics of some of the 2 bedroom plus den units completed. The wiring closet is awesome, I was able to put my wifi in there not a problem which is really nice because now it is tucked away and hidden and I haven't had any connection issues.

  3. No problem, glad it helps.
    I will try and get you some pix of the 2 BR places (mine is on the 4th floor). I visited one earlier so will see if I can dig up some older pictures but I might not have taken many then.

    I will try and get to a 2nd or 3rd floor one for some pictures on the next visit - unless an already moved in owner wants to volunteer for some blog pictures?

  4. Hi all;
    It really is getting closer now. How is the timing on the moving day working with the elevators?
    Anyone in that can give us all a heads up!