Sunday, 7 April 2013

Exciting News!

Owners, I have exciting news for those of you that view this blog. Earlier, I asked our builders Jeff and Joe whether I could get some inside information and pictures of the buildings progression. They enthusiastically supported my idea! I visited the site this past Friday and met with Joe and his construction manager(?) Alex for a tour of the building. Expecting just a quick looksee I was astonished at how Joe and Alex guided me through each floor, including the roof top garden area and garage and let me know how things were progressing and current expectations.

I cannot thank them enough for being open, honest and willing to keep us informed about what is going on.

I will add additional pictures and information about my visit over the next week or so, so keep on visiting!

Here is what I found out so far.    The first closing is scheduled for May 27th, with the 1st and second floors closing from then until July 15th, when the third and fourth floors will begin closing.

Of course, individually we all know our particular closing dates but it is nice to know the overall picture. More importantly, Joe is fairly sure at this stage that these dates should remain intact (of course, as with any construction, out of the ordinary events could conspire against us so while he is fairly sure, we must understand why one cannot guarantee such things)

2 weeks prior to your closing you will get a PDI (Pre-Delivery inspection) where you inspect the unit and any changes you made. The builders will also want you to tell them if you are moving in on your closing date or not. This is important because the elevators have to be booked so multiple families are not competing for elevator space. You close regardless on your closing date. This should be obvious of course, but you may choose to move in later. With over a hundred and forty units you can understand how this needs to be carefully co-ordinated so as to avoid two owners coming at the same time for the same elevator. Yes, there are two elevators but I imagine (did not ask Joe this) that one will remain available only for those already moved in, while one will be set aside for predetermined moving times. You must not only schedule and be approved to move in but also must meet the actual times available. If you delay giving the elevator back on time, the next person has to wait and this easily snowballs. So we need to plan our moves carefully with adequate time. For example, my wife and I will likely close on our date (Aug 8th) but plan a move for a week later as we want to get in closet organizers and other things we want done prior to us moving in.

Finally, things are looking great inside. (I know you have all been waiting for this part). The builders are planning on the roof garden being available for us this summer, so that is great news. here is what is looks like right now. This view is looking East.

And a view looking West:

And finally,  a look inside one of the units. First floor facing Upper Middle (sorry owners, I didn't think to take down numbers)

If you know you are on the first floor and face Upper Middle, I will give you a hint. It is a unit close to the west end and the person chose large (12x12?) brown looking tiles in their bathroom. The tiles are already in.

More to come in the following days and weeks. Keep on visiting and let me know how you are liking the blog!


  1. Thanks for the update I am so excited to move in! My closing date is June 10th and I am really looking forward to getting in and seeing what my new place will look like. i can't wait to see more pictures of the inside!!!! What view is this of the unit is it from the door looking in?

  2. Nope, it is from the patio doors looking towards the front door of the unit. The kitchen floor is in place on the left hand side. The open door is the unit's bathroom (Don't forget you can click on these pictures to enlarge them)

  3. Awesome! Cannot wait to move...I'm on the 4th floor!