Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New comments

There are a few great new comments in the Sept 25th Parking entry. Be sure to check them out and add yours to the mix. (Click on September on the right hand side of the Blog to view old entries)

Thanks to those who are commenting! Keep them coming. My wife and I as well as my two sisters all go for a meeting this Friday at the D├ęcor center. I will post some results when we are done.

Great idea on the double doors. I hope to add solid doors for noise abatement.

And it is news to me that the 4th floor will be 10ft ceilings! that's great (I will double check this Friday). We already heard no pot lights, that sucks. It's all very exciting.


  1. I was in to choose my finishes the other weekend. Pretty exciting! There is a good selection, and I also thought the upgrades were pretty reasonable for the most part. It can look a bit overwhelming at first, but I found once I chose my kitchen cabinets everything else flowed pretty easily. Good luck on Friday!

    And, yeah, no pot lights. Also, I opted out of towel rack/toilet paper holder/soap dish installment. It's the ceramic kind that are impossible to remove later on. There is probably an upgrade, but I thought it would be easy enough to get my own once I move in.

    - D

  2. I didn't even know there was an option to upgrade your doors, no one offered that to me when i was in the design centre, can someone please elaborate? Many thanks in advance!

  3. Bernie is right, payment is split in 3 or you can do 50% on your mtg and 50% paid up front. So you need to be ready for the upgrade costs.

    Also, yes, my wife and I as well as my sisters have upgraded our ceilings to flat. We didn't like the popcorn stuff of old and their standard ceiling either. A cheap cost for a great look.

    We also confirmed yesterday that the fourth floor is 10ft ceilings! Awesome.

    Our meeting went exceedingly well with the Haven folks. We are all extremely pleased at their willingness to help us design our new homes. Can't wait to get in.

  4. Well I literally just finished my meeting with Nicole. She was very helpful in choosing options. I'm a single guy so it was pretty overwhelming trying to match colours, so having a designer was a godsend. A lot of what people are mentioning (upgraded doors, popcorn ceiling) did not even come up in our conversation. BUT, I'm happy with what I'm getting. Can't wait to see the finished product!


    1. I agree that none of that stuff came up in my conversation as well but I knew to ask about all this stuff thanks to others who bought condo's and told me about all this stuff...otherwise I would not have known either! Congrats neighbour!

  5. sharleen, just ask them about it. They give you some options for other doors. I chose not to put in any door in the bedroom so that I can do a custome closet. Plus, it's always cheaper to do it yourself.