Wednesday, 31 October 2012

10 ft ceilings

I asked when I met with the Haven folks and yes, the 4th floor is coming with 10ft ceilings. Cool!
I am opting for flat ceilings (no stipple or other finishes) in my condo.

If you like this blog, please encourage other owners you  might meet or you already know to start following and sign up. The more the  merrier and incidentally, the more followers, the more the builder will listen and respond to us (though they are doing exceptionally well already as far as I am concerned)

I will post new pictures soon (if the rain ever stops<S>). My wife and I go for our D├ęcor appointment this coming Monday evening. Keep you posted!


  1. Just an fyi, the ceiling style is called "California Knock Down". I asked about it and she had no samples so you can go online and see what it looks like. I decided to keep it.

  2. thanks, I looked for the pictures and am glad I chose flat ceiling for myself.

    James (in Parking comment), you might consider crown molding options, whether you want towel bars and soap dishes installed (I don't), I plan on customizing my closet space so do not want any shelves or racks installed, a solid wood door on the bathroom (to minimize any "noise") especially in smaller units; you can opt for pocket doors to get more space (where available space permits)

    Have fun.

  3. Anonymous (sign up and show us another owner please), pricing depends upon the unit size you have. I will say though, that pricing is really reasonable as far as I am concerned. (And worth doing for those things you want)

  4. I did end up getting smooth ceilings in my haven thank god ! it's well worth the money considering the whole condo will have the 10ft ceiling except the bathroom that i was told

  5. I don't know if you guys have had the chance to look at your emails yet today but I just got notification today that my unit has been delayed from end of April to June 10, 2013. I am on the first floor facing upper middle. I was so sad to find this out because now that I have finalized my finishes it made it so much more real and I was really getting excited to move in 5 months from now. I don't know what the hold up is!!!! Maybe the builder can speak to why the delay????

  6. I have not heard anything but certainly hope and pray ours isn't extended even farther than our current end of June!

    Anyone else hearing about a delay?

  7. Yeah, mine is extended from May until July 23 - I'm on the 3rd floor
    - D

  8. I just received notification that i've been pushed to August 23 from June 26. If I missed my original deadline by 8 months at my work i would be fired pretty quickly.. ugh