Friday, 12 June 2015

More Dog problems

Once again we are paying to clean up after dogs that have been let loose on the roof. I do not know about you but I am tired of my maintenance fees paying for ignorant dog owners.

Let's be clear (again) - NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE ROOF AT ANYTIME.

While we are at it, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH when not  in your unit.

It seems numerous owners/residnets think that rule only applies to others - "my dog is well mannered, etc"

Well, it is not only a Corporation Rule but it is Ontario Law for dogs to be leashed when outside. Not "big" dogs, or "other peoples" dogs but ALL dogs.

We need you to help with this, after all, you are paying as well. If you see someone with a dog off leash, tell them nicely to put it on a leash. If they refuse, note their unit number and call or email TAG. Likewise, if you see any dogs on the roof, tell nicely them to leave immediately. Note their unit and inform TAG.

Most dog owners follow the rules, it is the scofflaws we need to stop. This is your community, get involved to keep it neat and keep our fees going to things that help us all, not cleaning up after dogs.


  1. Agreed! I also noticed that there's dog pee on the carpet in the main lobby all the time in front of the elevators......looks like a big dog keeps going there....someone needs to tell this person to control their dog! I have one and would never allow this to looks like it happens every day!

  2. The hallways are too hot! It's like walking in a sauna...can we please lower the temp? I keep emailing Tag with no responses...go figure...worst management company there is! There should be a email available to the Board so that they can help us deal with TAG when they don't respond to our concerns. That's how its done in other condos!

  3. We all need to track those residents who abuse the building. It takes a community.
    I do not usually permit anonymous complaints, it is too easy to abuse the system. However this time - The hallways should be better, the heat/ac was adjusted. These things take time as we do not have onsite supervisor but need to contact our external party and have them arrange to visit and resolve.

  4. I think we need a full time handy caretaker to keep the cost down in our budget, the increase at 27 percent is outragous, Who's doing the hiring carpet cleaners etc. someones making a killing .just saying

  5. I normally don't publish anonymous comments that denigrate but decided to on this one so I would be able to respond.

    This is the type of thing that bothers me. Someone who cannot put their name forward yet wants to publish spurious accusations. To suggest that the board (who does all the hiring) might benefit shows a lack of intelligence on how condos are run.

    To suggest "someones making a killing" means they are more interested in blaming the people who try hard to keep our building clean and running well, on their own free time, than they are those who actually let their dogs mess in our hallways or throw their junk in the lockers.

    This is one of those people who love to whine yet likely does absolutely nothing themselves.

    Try putting some effort in yourself before casting aspersions on the volunteers who actually spend their free time helping you. just saying