Friday, 19 June 2015

Condo Insurance

I was renewing my policy and noticed a change I had not seen before that impacts us all. If you plan to be away from your unit for more than "3 DAYS" you need to make sure you have someone visit and check in or your insurance policy may refuse to pay should something happen. If I recall this used to be one week.

It is awful that these companies are eroding our benefits while continually increasing our costs and even worse when they appear to be doing all they can to avoid a payout. What good is the policy if we need to be lawyers in order to understand it and get hit at both ends (paying and getting benefits)
*rant over*

My point is, be aware that perhaps your policy contains this clause as well and if you have a leak or some other problem while you are away, you may be in for a nasty surprise unless you make sure someone visited every 3 days. (I mean really, that is a long weekend for heavens sake)


  1. Hi Barry

    Do you know if there is someone working in the building during the day time who is able to access our units? If so how do they find this person? I am having my A/C unit picked up but they are unable to give me an exact day or time right now so they wanted to know if someone is working in the building? I tried to contact TAG but have had no response yet.

    I'm not sure if you are able to help me but I thought I would try as I am trying to get this dealt with as soon as possible.



  2. No-one on site can access your unit. TAG has a master key but cannot enter a unit without it being an emergency or requesting access ahead of time for some corporation reason.(hvac cleaning contract for instance. If it is Leeds under this contract, they can arrange access through TAG). This is for everyone's safety and security. Perhaps you can have a friend or relative wait for you if you are unable.

  3. Thanks for the quick response. I completely understand and was thinking that myself. It is actually the manufacturing company of the A/C unit that are coming to pick it up for repair. I was planning on having someone here when they come but they told me they are unable to give me an exact day and time and that the technician will call just before heading out to the building.

    Anyways, I will let them know that and will sort it out with them.

    Thanks again!

  4. So what happened with your A/C unit? I found out some very good information and interesting things about our HVAC system directly from the manufacturer (I called them). Short story - either TAG doesn't know what they are doing OR they are lying to us. We need to have a board meeting asap. It's time we found a management company that is experienced, is HONEST and trustworthy. Barry - when do we have another meeting?

  5. It makes little sense to think TAG would lie to us. They may not be perfect but your owner declaration states very clearly that you own your HVAC unit and need to maintain it. This is why the Board helped out by working a maintenance plan for owners through Leeds- the more who sign up the less expensive it is. We ignore our HVAC at not only our own peril but others as well, as problems with one unit can leach into another costing everyone. The key is proper maintenance like any mechanical system.

    I have also talked many times with the manufacturer's representative here in Ontario. We chose Leeds partly because they already perform our building maintenance and hence know our building better.

    We expect to have a general meeting shortly

  6. Can someone tell me who I should notify on reporting people storing gasoline containers in the underground parking lot? Isn't an hazardous safety issue? So far I have seen 2 containers.

  7. This is an easy one. Any resident with an issue should contact TAG our management company with details (in your case, the parking spot number and issue). They will send out a notice to the owner

  8. Hi,
    I wasn't sure how to bring this to anyone's attention but this morning (Friday sept 11) at 6:45am I noticed a drone hovering over and around our building. I am concerned it is being used to look into units. Just wanted to let people know what I noticed.

  9. I do know real estate agents are using them to add high altitude pictures of our building when selling a unit.