Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Burlington recently changed the street parking laws. You can now park on the street for 5hrs at a time and you also allowed to park on street in Orchard park (where we live) between 1am and 6am. This gives you options for parking if the visitors is full.

Be aware that the last couple of weeks parking enforcement has been around checking.


  1. Hi Barry,
    Thanks for sharing this info. But really how about enforcing the visitor parking spots also? It's always full because I know there many condo owners with 2 or even 3 vehicules and park overnight in the visitor parking spots. So when we are having guests over we can't even park outside because most of the times all the spots are taking up by condo owners. Is there any steps taken to solve this un going issue? Thanks.

  2. I would like to resolve that myself and have been trying to for some time. The venue for handling these things is to let our management company TAG know whenever you have an issue. That way they know what problems there are and how big an issue it might be based on the number of complaints there get. They then keep the board informed. TAG is at Pamela@tag-solutions.ca or Pamela Larmand 905-333-5506 xt36