Sunday, 1 June 2014

Using the BBQs

The BBQs are installed and ready for use. Please be neat, clean up after and turn the gas off when done.

The gas should be OFF when you begin (and when you finish) Note the one yellow handle that is sideways.

You must start by turning the gas on: (Turn the yellow handle so it is in line with the gas line)

Then turn on a burner, press the Igniter a few times and it should light.

Please clean up after you are done, use the wire brush you can find inside the doors beneath the burners, and brush off while they are still hot so the BBQ is clean and ready for the next person. YOU pay for the gas in your condo fees so please be considerate and turn it off when not using it.


  1. Just a suggestion. We need to invest on mats to put under the bbqs. I've noticed a lot of grease marks around the bbqs making the tiles look dirty and they will stay like it forever. I saw them at Canadian Tire and I think we should invest in them to preserve the look of the tiles.

  2. Has anyone else noticed the one elevator is stuck on the second floor? It's been like that since last week.

    1. I saw Otis here earlier today. Had not noticed any problem but presumably it is fixed now

  3. Who does the bbq maintenance? Out of 3 bbqs only one in functional, and it's the one closer to the elevator entrance. The other 2 no propane is present. Please have someone to look at them so we have the 3 bbqs working for the long weekend.

  4. Are you sure the gas is turned on at those BBQs? They all get gas directly from the building supply.

  5. Hi Barry,
    Are there anymore furnace filters available for purchase?

  6. I still have a few left of each size. Email me at

  7. I noticed the other day that the roof top picnic tables get moved around sometimes - one is currently over by the wall since the fireworks the other day.

    Just a couple of observations, it would be nice if folks must move them to pick them up and not drag them, this will help the people living below. And if you do move them, it would be even nicer if you would put them back after.