Monday, 25 March 2013

Latest news

I tried to get some pictures at night so I could see inside and find out how things are progressing but didn't have my camera with me as I passed by so used my camera phone.  Not good enough to print.

Work though is moving along nicely and I have asked the builder if I can get onsite to take some regular interior photos to show how things are going. Will see what happens. In the meantime, you have likely received a notice as we did about a Mortgage company wanting details. Since this is our first new home in 25 years I have also asked to verify who this firm is. While we anticipate a small mortgage (mostly due to all our upgrades) we also hope the rates will be low. I am seeing 2.99 percent out there. Is anyone finding better rates or is it too early?

Will get some more pictures soon even if only outside (not much happening to the exterior though)
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  1. Oh let us know if they are who they say they are! I am at 3.12% with my mortgage but it will likely drop as per my broker.

    1. We have a meeting with the Haven mortgage folks Monday 8th April so will have a better idea then. But an earlier meeting with another broker indicated around 3%. I hope rates drop a bit - a 2.89 or so would be nice

  2. I just met with my banker at TD this past weekend and it was a rate of 2.89%.