Saturday, 12 March 2016

Post Office box Finally Ready

Finally, after only three months of waiting for the installers and post office people to pass a key between them, the post box in the lobby is available for use.

You can mail letters safely through the letter slot.

Of course, if you get a letter incorrectly addressed to you, write the correct address or some note on it and pop it in the letter box for the post office to deal with properly.

Parcels will be left in the boxes as per there size.

If you get a parcel, you MUST return the key after retrieving your parcel by putting it in the mail slot so it can be used for the next person.


  1. Thats great news.
    Question...How would I find out who the kitchen cabinet manufacturer is for my unit?

  2. It has been years since they were installed so I cannot recall myself. Perhaps another owner can?

  3. Early this morning i was drinking my coffee outside. Suddenly this dog owner and his little pooch were walking by and stopped right infront my uni on the greens. Pooch decided to do his business(#2) while the dog owner was looking straight at me smoking his cigarette. To my surprise and disgust when pooch was done the dog owner just walked away without scooping what pooch left behind. I saw this dog many times around here. Its a little black and whi te french bulldog. If anyone knows who the owner is , it should reported.

  4. We need to tell people it is the law to clean up after their dog. As well as our Condo rules

  5. Dog owners that don't want to pick up after their pet shouldn't have the right to own pets. You want to have a pet in your life, well you need to clean up after them.

  6. Who broke glass in the hallway on level 3 WHY just leave it there we have our dogs walking there and ourselves. Show some respect for our building and for your neighbours !!!