Friday, 16 January 2015

Looking Good!

Our building continues to evolve. The Amenity room and Roof top glass has a very nice H logo on it. The glass is frosted on the roof top elevator room as you can see below.

It looks really nice.


  1. .I must agree it's looking pretty good but I have the biggest pet peeves, owners that don't have any respect to this building like for examples, owners with dogs. Owners please don't let your dogs do their business right at the door ways, at every door entrances and exits to this building, we see evidence left behind, it's not inviting and it's disgusting. have some decency and walk your dog away from the building so we don't have to see the yellow snow. Also many times I have taken the elevator and to my disgust I see some pets have peed on the carpet in or out of the elevator. I love pets but some of the pet owners need to have more control of their pets so we can all have a more enjoyable time in this building, it’s all about being better neighbors.

    1. Yeah what's up with all the dog faeces left behind out there? it's quite disgusting.....come on dog owners!!