Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring is coming? Hawks are stopping by

Saw a hawk perched on the light post outside my unit the other day. Grabbed my camera and managed a couple shots before it took off. I think it will be exciting time this spring (when it finally arrives) watching the birds on the pond.


  1. We ordered a box of filters 13 by 24 by 1 and have extra if anyone is interested. They cost $20 each after the tax and shipping charge.

  2. Great, thanks. The board is ordering boxes of both sizes Monday and hope to have them shortly. We will let you know when they arrive and arrange for pickup and payment in the Amenity room. You should also be considering cleaning and maintenance of your heat pump. One firm you can use is Thermal Exchange, call John (the owner) at 416.618.9151 to arrange if you are interested (they handle Tarion warranty issues and know Whalen equipment. You need to do this on your own though as you own the unit n your condo.