Friday, 12 July 2013

Roof Top Delight

In my recent tour, Alex showed me the progress on the roof. It looks fantastic! You can see below that the deck is shaping up as they install insulation and tiles. The pleasing "brick road" will be offset with imitation grass and on the far edge (north side of the building) by two circular areas of lighter concrete tiles. On the right hand side (Sutton) will be a BBQ area with pergola while farther west will be a circular area for quiet contemplation or reading perhaps.

Of course the inside is progressing as well with third floor folks starting to move in and work continuing for those of us on the fourth floor.

This is our main bathroom starting to look more finished.

The laundry "room" is a little small in our unit but the tiles look nice.

And other units are also coming along nicely

And "someone's" kitchen has been delivered.

and their bathroom is tiled.

Finally, others have flooring in and are getting closer to be finished

It is all looking fantastic and I cannot wait to get moved in.


  1. Awesome!!! So exciting. 4 more weeks for me.

  2. PDI's seem to be a little delayed. Haven't heard yet on mine and moving day is Aug 8th so should have been this week. They are a little backed up but are working to get back on track I am sure.

  3. I received an email message to book my PDI and since I didn't have the builder in my contacts list it kept going in my junk mail. So check your junk mail folder just in case!

  4. Good idea. I will do that. When is your move date?