Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Condo Suppliers

I found out through my sister a few of the places our builder is getting supplies from. This allows you to check them out prior to going to the decor center (and also let's you see options that are possible other than those offered by the builder)

The granite supplier is Custom Granite in Stoney Creek, they are in the building beside Adamson Flooring
The flooring supplier is Adamson Flooring in Stoney Creek (745 South Service Road, Unit #1 905-643-4522)
Plumbing supplies will be Kohler
The kitchens will come from Frendel (5850 Dixie Road, Mississuaga Rd)

Decor center should start any time soon bringing owners in for selections by appointment.


  1. I'm on the 4th floor, will they be calling me already? It's still early.

    1. You can expect a call sometime in the coming month or two I think. I am on the 4th floor also. The decor center is ready so its only a matter of time I guess (I have not yet heard any official times)