Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I am still trying to reach out to all the owners and to get the builders onside. Will keep you posted.
Even though it is still very early, my wife and I are excited to be moving in next year (hopefully). For us it is a downsizing, as we move into a smaller place with less upkeep. However, the long time frame to moving day is perfect since it gives us the time to reduce all the "stuff" we have collected over the last 25 years in our house. We are looking forward to meeting all the neighbors as time progresses.

Update July 24 - we have been told that the current sales site should close in the next week or so and contruction begins!

I should also mention the blog is moderated for comments.It is also not about complaints - take those to the builder individually. What we want is a sense of community, sharing any information you like about yourselves and the move into Haven; along with updates from the builder on what's happening so we can all keep up to date on schedules and changes.

Another update July 27th - geothermal digging has started as you can see in the attached picture. woot! (Picture by P. Del Franco)

NEWS! August 2, 2011
Our builder appears willing to work with us on this blog. Look forward to new events being posted as details emerge. And a big thanks to the builders!

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